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Kino-harakiri Interactive Show. Studio of Individual Directing

June 23, 2014, 22:30 — June 24, 2014, 4:30
Moscow Museum, Zubovsky blvd, 2

Recent day also bounds not only with the rejected genres boardes, but also with diffusion of authorship, what brings us back to total art and collective art piece. The Kino-harakiri show created by students of the Studio of Individual Directing, is an attempt to turn the “death of the author” and of the cinema” narrative into a multimedia show. Kino-harakiri can be regarded as an answer to Peter Greenaway, provoked both by his Moscow project and by a concomitant educational program “Projections of avant-garde”. Kino-harakiri also has the interaction between cinema, theatre and the word. The starting source is more than ten short films, produced by the students of the Studio of Individual Directing. These very works are given at the mercy of viewers, critics and philosophers. At the same time, theatre directors reveal their strategies, doubts, analyze failures and rejoice lucky findings. In short, a theatre stage is that very platform where the life of the cinema is born and continued after its death.


Moscow Museum
Zubovsky blvd, 2


Anna Buali
+7 (926) 582-02-81